Welcome to Wish Outdoor Weekend



Welcome to Wish Outdoor weekend




Wish Outdoor Weekend!

Congratulations! You have just found the best way to complete your WiSH Outdoor weekend! Camp WOW!, the official WiSH Outdoor campsite, is the ultimate location to spend your nights during WiSH Outdoor. The campsite, located next to the festival, is equipped with everything you need
to make this weekend legen -wait for it- dary!

Fun Stuff

Lovely Lounge

Want to relax? Jump into our hammocks or lay down in our beanbags. We’ll provide some nice beats for you.

WiSH Radio

Listen to the tunes of the one and only WiSH Outdoor Radio and be the first to know if something special happens at the festival. Live from WiSH Outdoor!


Football, soccer.. It doesn’t matter how you name it, play it with friends! Can you beat them in a battle?

Ping Pong

It’s that game you always play on your holiday, and of course you can also play it at Camp WOW! Can you beat mr. Lee?


Want something special? Aside of the tent you bring yourself, you can also choose for one of our special accommodations. You can find some information about them below. Note: There are some costs attached to them. Find it out!


Wolfpack regular (4-8 persons)

  • Your own premium campsite spot for you and your friends
  • More space per tent


Wolfpack XL (9-16 persons)

  • Your own premium campsite spot for you and your friends
  • More space per tent
  • Your own power outlet
  • 1 foldtable


Wolfpack XXL (max. 25 persons)

  • Your own premium campsite spot for you and your friends
  • More space per tent
  • Your own power outlet
  • 2 foldtables
  • A park style BBQ (including 1 bag of charcoal)



  • Pre-pitched tent
  • Only bring your festival essentials
  • Start your festival weekend easily and relaxed


Well, let’s start off with the basics. The stuff that should be on any campsite. Clearly marked, easy to find, great to use.


  • Free showers and toilets
  • Outdoor showers – Shine & Shower outside in your swimsuit!
  • Lockers
  • Cell phone charging
  • Chill out beach, with hammock!
  • Tentenzo, the store for all your necessary needs.
  • Refreshing campsite bar
  • Coffee corner


Camp WOW!
Campsite ‘de Aa’
Beek en Donk (municipality of Laarbeek)
Noord Brabant, The Netherlands
Opening hours
A new adventure awaits starting Friday 30th of June 13:00h and will
overwhelm you with love until Monday 3rd of July 11:00h.
Minimum age
Everyone who is 18 years or older (and has a valid ID as prove), is more than welcome to join the Camp WOW! spirit.
All adventurers need to have their own campsite ticket. Tickets are available in a package with a full WiSH Outdoor weekend pass or in a combination with a two or one day festival ticket. Where to find these tickets? Here!
Security / First Aid
For your and our own safety there will be on-site security and First Aid available 24/7 (well.. 24/4 to be honest). Nevertheless, don’t leave your valuables unattended. If you don’t want to carry around your ‘precious’, use one of the lockers on site, to keep your things safe.
Payment methods
Food and drinks can only be purchased via tokens. Tokens are valid on both Camp WOW! and WiSH Outdoor. Cash money or bank card is only necessary to purchase tokens, so you don’t have to carry personal valuables around all the time.
Parking spots
Especially for you, our lovely campsite adventurers, we’ve got a parking spot next to the campsite! No more hassle with your stuff before you can enjoy the Camp WOW! adventures. ‘A special place for you, my friend’.


I’ve got a campsite ticket. Can I leave the festival to return to the campsite/parking?

No problem. With a camping ribbon (+ festival ribbon), you can leave the festival site and return without any problems.
Of course, you’ll have to pass security again, so be sure you don’t take anything illegal with you!

Where is the campsite located?

The campsite is right next to the festival. Just follow the signs when you are getting closer to the festival and you will find the campsite!

Can I reach the campsite with public transport?

On Friday (July 1st), you can reach the campsite/festival by public transport. From Veghel and Helmond, you have to take busline 25 to Beek en Donk. The closest busstop is ‘Brug Donk’. From Eindhoven or Gemert, you have to take bus line 21 if you want to stop at ‘Brug Donk’. After 6:00 PM, you can also take bus line 122 from Eindhoven and Gemert to bus stop ‘Brug Donk’.

What types of food will be available at the campsite?

Camp WOW! Will be equipped with a wide variety of delicious food. Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? No problem!

What are the openings hours of the campsite?

Camp WOW! will open its gates on Friday, June 30th, at 13:00 PM and will close Monday, July 3rd, at 12:00 AM. You can get into and leave the campsite anytime.

Where can I park my car?

On the parking lot. Check out the general info 😉

Can I pass my campsite ticket to someone else?

As soon as the campsite ticket has been scanned at the entrance, you will receive a camping ribbon and the ticket will expire. The ribbon is non-transferrable. Therefore, it has no use to pass on the ticket, since it will lose its value as soon as you enter.

Do I have access to the festival with my campsite ticket?

No. In order to gain access to the festival, a separate ticket has to be bought. Click here to buy your festival tickets!

Will there be on-site security?

There will be on-site security at all times as well as a first aid unit (open 24/7). There will also be ninja’s to safeguard your belongings, but you will probably not see them. Ninja-style.

Will there be free showers/bathrooms?

Of course. You will have plenty of room to transform yourself into party-mode. Are the showers free? YESSSS! FREE WATER everywhere!

What hours can I use the showers?

The showers can be used between somewhere in the morning and somewhere in the evening. This will be communicated on-site.

Can we camp next to each other if we are not arriving together?

Well, that’s is pretty difficult. There are several options. You could arrive on a time that everyone of you could arrive. This could be, for example, Friday at noon. If you are not able to manage a time in which everyone can settle, perhaps you could already take an extra tent with you? This will guarantee a spot for your friends next to you.

My friends only wants to come for one night, do I need to buy a ticket for them?

Yes of course! Camp WOW! is only accessible with a valid ticket.

What if I cannot find the campsite after the festival?

The campsite is only like 300 meters away from the festival. So you would be pretty messed up if you wouldn’t be able to find it. Nevertheless, there will be plenty of signs directing you towards the campsite. Considering the physical state you’re in since you cannot find the campsite (which is like clearly visible), you will probably also miss the signs. Therefore, plenty of staff will be available to give you directions.

Will there be a place to buy coffee? I need coffee to start up!

What is a campsite without some good old coffee? Yes, there will be a place to get coffee/hot water etc.

Where is the closest ATM?

The closest ATM is located on a 5-minute walk from the campsite (Rabobank – Koppelstraat 91). Ask the camping-staff for more details.

Can I bring my friends into the camp?

As long as they buy a ticket, sure you can ;)!

Do I need to sleep in a tent?

Nope. Not really. Although a tent is pretty comfortable compared to sleeping naked outside on a fold table. You can sleep anywhere you want, as long as you don’t violate one of the rules. E.g. don’t sleep in the fire lanes or on unauthorized places on the campsite.

How close is the campsite to the festival site?

Towards the festival it will take you approximately 2 minutes. From the festival to the campsite probably 10 minutes 😉

Can we bring alcohol? Is there a possibility to buy drinks on the campsite?

You can take 2 litres of alcohol towards the campsite. Be aware that it has a maximum of 15% alcohol in it and it isn’t in a glass bottle. Of course, on the campsite there will be plenty of COLD booze/soda available for decent supermarket prices! :)

Can I bring food?

As much as you want!

Can I create a b-b-b-b-b-onfire?

N-n-n-n-n-nope. All open fire is forbidden. But especially for you there will be a campfire at the beach every night.

Can I take a lamp?

We Love Lamp.

Can I bring a BBQ/Stove?

Unless it is an instant BBQ, you cannot bring a charcoal-BBQ. You can bring a small stove if you want to. There are some important restrictions towards using a stove:
          1. Only propane-powered devices are allowed to the campsite.
          2. All cooking devices should bear a certification from a nationally recognized testing or certification organization
          3. Maximum amount of propane per campsite shall not exceed 250 grams.
          4. A minimum of 3 feet clearance shall be maintained at all times while the cooking appliance is being used. Keep flammable products/liquids also on a 3 feet distance.
          5. Cooking appliances can only be used between 7:00 am and 2:00 am.
          6. Cooking appliances, when in use, shall never be left unattended.

Will there be electrical outlets to use?

There are no electrical outlets that can be used for campsite guest. There will, however, be a place to charge your phone or plug in your hair straightener.

Can I charge my phone?

Yes, there will be a charging point on the campsite.

What are the payment possibilities on the campsite?

Card (MasterCard/Maestro/VISA) and cash.

How much space do I have to pitch my tent?

Please do not bring a six-person tent for only yourself, but if you want to pitch a party tent in the middle of your group that shouldn’t be a problem. If you want to have more space for you and your friends, you should go for the Camp WOW! Wolfpack tickets. More space for your tent and even some nice upgrades to give you the best WiSH Outdoor weekend EVAHHH!

Can I bring my medications?

Off course, every legal medications are allowed on the campsite. Please bring a medical certificate as proof. If your medication needs to be cooled, please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the website.
© Photography: / Kevin Verkruijssen

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