Campsite regulations

These campsite regulations apply to all visitors of Camp WOW!, the Wish Outdoor campsite, during 29-30 June & 1-2 July 2018. Anyone who buys a campsite ticket declares thereby that they agree to the following campsite regulations.

The campsite opens on Friday, June 29th 2018 at 13.00h and you must leave the premises on Monday, July 2nd before 11.00h. As a visitor, you can be pre-searched. Access will be denied to those who not cooperate, without refund of any fees.

Only visitors with a valid camping bracelet are allowed at the campsite. The campsite is strictly forbidden for people under the age of 18. Camping visitors must check-in at the cash registers at the entrance of the campsite. ID and age will be checked here.

Campers can use the following services: toilets, showers, running water, electricity point, camping shop, etc. There is no power supply for camping visitors to the tents.

Always follow the guidelines from the campsite stewards, security and emergency services, also while placing your tents. Keep emergency exits, emergency paths and passageways free. Follow the instructions; otherwise you can assemble your tent twice! The campsite stewards can move misplaced tents without permission of the owner.

Always keep the safety route free. Tents on this road will be moved without notice.

Campsite visitors stay at their own risk on the premises overnight. The organization is not responsible for any physical or material damage.

When you violate the rules above, you lose the right to residence at the campsite without refund of any fees.

For all situations not covered by these regulations, the Camp WOW! management team retains the right to propose for oral and / or written additional rules which the visitors need to conform themselves to.

If you, despite of the efforts of the employees of Camp WOW! to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, yet feel the need to lodge a complaint, you can do that through a complaint form, available with the Camp WOW! management.

Forbidden on the campsite:
  • Cars, bikes and trailers
  • Shopping carts (only wheelbarrows and trolleys that fit through the visitation gates are allowed.)
  • Glass or other sharp objects (including glass jars with food)
  • Tapping plants (self-tapping kegs are allowed to max. 5L)
  • Gas cylinders (only the smallest size (max. contents 250g) is allowed)
  • Sound Equipment
  • Open fire between the tents (barbecue or small gas fires can only be used at the barbecue area)
  • Aggregates, car batteries, power groups or generators
  • Pets, except guide dogs for persons with visual disabilities
  • Drugs or other narcotic substances or substances that can be used as drugs
  • Weapons or items that could be used as a weapon
  • Climbing and/or destruction of fences and/or other facilities or infrastructures
  • Graffiti, confetti, party poppers etc.
  • Clothing that can be challenging or provocative and fluorescent jackets, including football shirts
  • Trade in goods of any kind without permission from the organization
  • Being disturbing under the influence of any drugs (including alcohol or medication)
  • Dry Ice
  • Barricade firebreaks or emergency exits . If this is the case, the organization is free to move this material for safety reasons.
  • Pasting promotion (flyers and posters) from other events without permission from the organization
  • Any form of verbal and non-verbal aggression